This is a story of one of our patients, Stuart. He is such a loveable and happy little guy that it’s hard to believe he was left in a shelter in Texas and almost didn’t make it out. Stuart was heartworm positive. He got his lucky break when a rescue stepped up to take him in Oklahoma. He then caught the attention of a wonderful rescue group in Missouri called Midwest Animal Resq. They began his heartworm treatment and he became eligible for fostering. His biggest lucky break came in the form of his foster home. He was welcomed into the home of our wonderful clients, Joe and Laura. They fell quickly for him as he seamlessly blended into the family. They just couldn’t let him go, and they decided to adopt him and become his forever home. Joe and Laura brought Stuart to our clinic for his next treatment. Stuart stole the hearts of everyone here as quickly as he did his new family. Heartworm treatment is vastly more expensive than prevention. It is also a process that is involved and fortunately, preventable. Heartworm prevention is very important component to aiding your pet in staying healthy. Heartworms are spread by the bite of an infected mosquito.There is no way to tell if a mosquito is infected with the larvae, hence the reason prevention is so important. A mosquito infected with the heartworm larvae can infect multiple dogs causing heartworm disease. Stuart has allowed us to share his story in the hopes that we can prevent heartworm infection and remind pet owners of the importance giving prevention. Stuart is a loved and lucky boy. From a shelter to a new loving home his moving story is a happy one we wanted to share with our clients.

A note from his family:
Foster failing is something our family does pretty well. 3 weeks ago, Midwest Animal ResQ posted an adorable Basset Hound with no eyes on their FB page. The sweet dog needed foster for a week. Some other animal lover beat me to her. Sam and Erin let me know there was another sweet HW positive boy who needed foster for how ever many days I could. This is where our sweet Stu comes in.

Rescued from a high kill shelter in Texas, by an Oklahoma Rescue, then taken in at MARQ. We picked up Stu and instantly fell in love with him. It took us about a day and a half to know we failed as fosters once again . This sweet, mellow, potty trained, non barking, 2 year old had stolen our hearts.

Since Stu is HW positive, we knew his care would be costly, and we’re very happy to take on that responsibility. We feared if we did not adopt him, no one else would. Our biggest fear was Stu losing his young life at just 2 years old.

He loves his kennel, which makes it really easy to keep him calm after his treatments. He has had 2 so far, one at MARQ, and his second at BBPH. We will find out on October 17th if the HW treatments were successful. I feel in my heart he will get a clean bill of health.

It is so important to know how wonderful the dog is with you and your family, before making the decision not to take HW positive on. You could be missing out on the best dog you’ll ever be blessed to have.

So very thankful for both rescues involved in saving our little man Stu’s life. Thank you also to BBPH for always taking such great care of our baby dogs.

Very grateful and most sincere,

Laura and Joe